Secret Tip : Playing Zynga Poker Facebook Continue Winning

Zynga Poker Mania, booming poker Facebook so feel up everywhere. Game this one was very exciting and make sure the time. It takes very high skill to win the game in Zynga Poker Facebook. Here are some tips I enjoyed the most reliable. 

Magic Card 
Discover the hands of your existing card. You are lucky if you have the following AA, AK, JK, 10K, 5K, J10, J5. All in and win. 

Special GIFT 
Know your opponent. LEVEL regardless of your opponent there will be no problem if you have the GIFT that is more expensive. But this trick usually been understood by the players who have a high level, so using tactics usually modify your GIFT GIFT classmates expensive with the cheap tissue. But worth a try if you play with a beginner level. 

GOOD Position 
Get to know your opponent sitting position. Trick this one was really my passion. If you are playing with a full table of players, then the best position to sit is in the right position Zynga Girl NO2. Usually the card comes out nice things. But remember, if you've won 2x in a row directly STAND UP and then came back on the table or search for a new table. One trick is worth a try. 

Create Account Other FB 
Make your shadow FB account. Perfect after more than 2. Find the table that had only 5 seats alone. Play to 4 accounts at once. How to do? certainly many who ask this. The trick is to use a different browser 4. Mozilla, Opera, Flock, Internet Explorer and other browsers. Come guaranteed to win and hold, stay as players wait for his victim came to the 5th. 

Play SITnGO 
Having had a FB account the disparate, play SITnGO. Apasih SITnGO? This SITnGO poker game tournament model, where the play is free of charge according to tariff, there sampe 1K 1M, but the money at table when play was 1000. The winner is who can survive until the end. Imagine if the play is our 3rd FB account. We have a chance to win all the champions 1.2, and 3. Awesome! 

That's some secret trick that is guaranteed to play facebook poker winnings, based on personal experience. And many more tricks that still need to be studied and is still in trial. I'll post back later if it really powerful. Good luck the Poker Mania!
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