Secret tips: play poker on facebook wins (2)

Extraordinary .. many ways which can be used as an alternative. This is the latest update to win the trick let me continue. We apologize for the first trick that has been released, some tricks may already be read by Zynga team. But the spirit to win and hold still remain. Let the spirit of reaching a lot of chips and took a lot of money. Of course, the more we chip then we can get a lot of money. It is no secret, we play to get a lot of money. Watch the latest trick the following:

Fresh Level If we're still a beginner level, then we are given a lot of victories. Level 1 to 20 is the level which always have high luck. So use a level which is always fresh to get the victory. Give such a high capital 1M chip, and play at a higher table. OMG .. we become quickly got the chip a lot. Make sure this trick is a favorite.2. Special Gift2 If we are level 40 and above, use the gift Devil. If we play with a player who has a level lower than 40, then the Devil gift we will not be visible. Also if we have a gift bottle of Champagne. Please prove it!3. Do ChallangeIf we want to get free chips, this is the place. Click Challange existing upper left corner. One day less than 100k can get it for free if we finish it in one day. But there are the conditions which must have a lot of Buddy's, in order to help resolve Challange. I always use this trick, if at all chip in a state of near bankruptcy. Hee ..4. Black Magic BuddyIf you always fail to play this poker game. There is one shortcut tricks that might be attempted. This trick include cult. Try to create an account by posing as a sexy woman. And find a player who has a lot of chips, add buddy. After that persuasion alone players. Ask a lot of chips. This trick is far from word succeed, but if the patient to do so, we can succeed. wkwkwk ...Good luck Poker Mania, we are one-in-arms. This trick is based on personal experience. May be the greatest Poker Mania! Greetings one soul!

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