Secret Trick: Play up Zynga Poker Winning Continues (3)

As great as any tricks that we have, in fact many have weaknesses. The defeat after defeat always we feel. How can we always win in the game zynga poker? the key is patience and read the fortune. For readers of any tips on playing poker, here are the tricks the third edition are summarized under zynga poker playing experience: 
1. play two accounts simultaneouslyplay with two accounts at the same time makes us have more chance of winning and the opportunity to obtain a good many cards we get. 

2. create an account for savings chipsvictory will not mean a lot if we play again and lost, only regret. Defeat 10M, 50m, 100M and even just going to leave the sadness. Therefore we must make a savings account as a chip. 

3. hockey cards pairif we play at a higher level, if you get the card means you are lucky pair. Because the cards out on the table is not unexpected, stay courage for a victory.

 4. play Shootoutthis is my favorite tournament, with only 2k capital we can win the 500k prize if the winner in round 3, can also get additional cash prize, or a laptop depending on the promotion. Capitalize patience we can win it. 

5. Weekly Tournament playif we run out of capital, we usually play weekly tournament, playing without any capital and if we participate we will be given a capital initial chips 1100 chip. If we can win up to 1M for example, then the prize will be divided by 2 of the chip that we earn during the tournament. So if we can reach up to 100 M is a gift to us is 50 M!!Patience and luck are the key to victory zynga poker game. Good luck poker mania.

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