5 ways to avoid the zynga poker Banned

If the length must be read for mercy, then immediately wrote here are some tricks we can do to avoid the occurrence banned, here are 5 tricks to avoid the banned:
  1. Do not transfer the chip with only two players at the table
  2. Transferring a secure chip on the table that is less than 1 M
  3. Using SitnGo 5 table games, if we want to transfer over 10M chips. The way we fill all five players are over the kitchen and decide which one would win.
  4. Following this line of cards available, so if we are given a card that must win like AA should never to fold. If you do fold then facebook can easily detect the presence of the chip transfer transaction.
  5. Become a VIP member, this is one way to trick the safest zynga.

Good luck


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