Secret tips: Play poker to win and hold up (4)

Secret Tips (4)

The latest news! Facebook started deleting accounts that do not have a clear identity, watch out for all the fans of poker zynga games. Imagine the number of chips available on the account, then deleted just like that. So many ways to win a game of poker zynga to be no longer useful. Recent events, I have 10 accounts deleted by the Facebook. Crying blood deh, who has pioneered efforts to be totally destroyed, can not imagine if the total chip 2 billion is lost in an instant. So I will share tips to avoid deletion by Facebook. For the poker mania that has not felt the elimination of a Facebook account, then the right to read this article. The following are the steps to avoid our account disabled by Facebook, among others:

  1. Avoid our facebook name is not the same as our email, email instance name then the name on facebook Rajapoker said there should not be a name at random, like the Queen
  2. Avoid the gender of the emails we are not the same as in facebook account
  3. Avoid images that are pornographic, because it can invite facebook to check our account.
  4. Do not forget to include telephone numbers
  5. Avoid friends with friends who are not known, because later on when we checked the facebook account, we can select the images your friends answer questions.
  6. Avoid filling the town where we live with is not the truth, because facebook can keep track of the actual place we live, so if we pretend to live in a place that we live in is not going unnoticed. Examples of our residence in Jakarta, but in facebook let us write the New York slang.
That's more or less the latest information, which is based on personal experience. Let us wake up our poker kingdom. Hail to the poker mania! God bless you!


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