Battle Camp APK 3.7.4

Battle Camp APK 3.7.4
  • The latest Battle Camp is updated to 3.7.4. It is one of the best role playing games that you should consider for your android. If you are interested in RPG, it is the best choice with fun features on it. You can fight with dragons, monsters and even evils on this game. You can get fun experience with the fun features. The first feature that you can find in this game is the Puzzle battle. You can fight the legendary monsters by arranging the puzzles into the right puzzle. Other feature in this game is multiplayer mode.

    This game is just like other RPG games with multiplayers mode that allows you to make your team and having battle with other players. In this case, you will fight together to survive or crushing your opponents and the boss. In this game, there are also features that allow you to combine attacks with other players on the war. It is better to train your war team with monsters to crush opponents and become survival on the game.

    Other feature in this game allows you to take several monsters. In this case, you maintain the monsters for attack wars. You cannot crush your opponents by yourself; you will need a team for big war. Hence, you need to have more strategies before the big war. Avatar making feature is also available in this RPG game. You can create your own avatar for fun battle. You can also look at other avatars in this RPG because there will be various avatar with unique designs. It is better to follow the tournaments for more rewards and experience. Get more battles and take more monsters for your big war. Consider this RPG game for your Android and get the fun features. Attack your opponents with your monster team only in Battle Camp for Android.

    Features of Battle Camp 3.7.4 APK for Android
    • Monster battling Puzzle MMO.
    • Explore a LIVE Virtual World.
    • Form a Troop with friends and other players.
    • Crush the opposition in Troop Wars.
    • Coordinate attacks in monthly Raid Events.
    • Destroy rivals in Real-Time PvP Tournaments.
    • Capture and raise over 800+ monsters.
    • Design your own unique avatar.
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  • Battle Camp APK 3.7.4 Latest Version

    • {NEW EVENT} Prepare for the Crystal Siege!
    • Ancient crystals capable of summoning elemental goliaths have been discovered!
    • Crush the powerful Goliaths summoned by your enemies in this massive new event!
    • {NEW EVENT} Battle Syganthor in Deep Blue Squeeze!
    • Syganthor, the most wanted and feared interdimensional criminal, has escaped from jail!
    • Send Synganthor back to prison in this interdimensional raid!
    • {NEW CONTENT} Enhance your Team with New Second Evolutions!
  • Apps Reviews

    Love it but I keep getting the same monsters when defeating daily bosses.

Battle Camp APK

Developer: PennyPop Version: 3.7.4 Requirement: 3.0 and up Price: Free


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