• If you like action RPG with system to collect a lot of character, then HEROES WANTED : Quest RPG APK is an interesting new game for you. NHN, the publisher of Kill Me Again and Drift Girls, has just released the game on Android and iOS platforms. You will play as a captain of mercenary group. There are many missions that you can complete in the world, full of chaos due to the reappearance of some evil power, ranging from criminal hunt, exterminate monsters, save people, and so forth.

    According to NHN, there are ten thousand missions for you to complete one by one. For the storyline, currently there are available 320 stage that you can browse. Yes, quite a lot of content for you until the next update. If you are quite familiar with the various types of RPG mobile game, then you will not need adaptation too much when playing this game. You will decrease the number of characters into battle and they will move by itself.

    Things you can do are turn on the skill and move their position. Position shift is element of the strategy will find here. Every enemy, especially the boss, has skill you’re your character. Each skill has different direction, such as straight line, area effect, and so forth. By properly positioning your character, you can minimize the damage received.

    Features of HEROES WANTED : Quest RPG APK for Android
    • Overwhelming amount of quests
    • Unlimited Strategies
    • Various Content
    • Balanced Leveling System
    HEROES WANTED : Quest RPG Screenshot 1
  • HEROES WANTED : Quest RPG APK Latest Version

    • Activation
    • You can now use the Activation System to further strengthen your Mercenaries.
    • New Episode
    • Episode 9 and its corresponding new areas have been added to the Story mode.
    • Episode Clearance Reward
    • Each time you clear an Episode in the Story mode, you can now receive a reward box
    • PVP
    • UI has been added to the PvP screen, so that you know when your Mercenaries use their skills.
  • Apps Reviews

    I haven’t had a problem yet with this game it is quite fun and extensive. It has a fairly steep learning curve but besides that a lot of fun. Worth trying out!


Developer: NHN Studio629 Version: Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free


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