Plants vs Zombies™ hero APK 1.6.27

Plants vs Zombies™ hero APK 1.6.27
  • plants vs Zombies™ hero APK is now available with the latest version 1.6.27. A big surprise comes the announcement of Plant vs Zombie' game spinoff that serves as a bit of gameplay, different from the original version. After struggling with garden Warfare on the console, this time through this game, EA and PopCap Games don't follow only trend of the card game duel which was very popular in the mobile device, but also give an interesting classic game. Without losing the characteristic theme of battle between the plants against zombies that makes it popular, PopCap runs the game with the card duel mechanism. This new mechanism makes it so different from other games of cards PvP.

    PvP action in the game is more likely to be called a mixture between the magic of the gathering with the action of line of defense. You will duel in a Brindle arena, two players will be competing with the other strongly with row of cards they have. Similar to the original style plant vs Zombie, this arena will be the basic strategy to defeat the opponent. Here, you can define zombie or plant to the attack, the enemy to block and others. Using the arena, two players will duel with all their cards until one of them lost.

    interesting, player can also choose what kind of hero characters representing their avatar in the battle, ranging from the zombies like Superman, the hidden bean plants and more. Every hero you choose has special attacks. Thanks to its unique model, I'm sure that plants vs. Zombies Heroes will be entertainment for the card game for the duel PvP like Hearthstone. This game is free for everyone, so you can play it for free.

    characteristics of the plants vs. Zombies™ Hero 1.6.27 APK for Android
    • collect your hero
    • form YOUR TEAM
    • go we brave ADVENTURES
    • play against friends and enemies
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  • plants vs Zombies™ hero APK 1.6.27 latest Version

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    I like it game, it works well with great graphics. Multiplayer game is my favorite feature. I can play against my friend.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes APK

Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Version: 1.6.27 condition: 4.1 and upward price: free


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