Star Wars™: uprising APK 3.0.1

Star Wars™: uprising APK 3.0.1
  • star Wars™: uprising APK is coming to Android with the latest 3.0.1 version. Movie fans are unable to wait longer for the new movie to come out in December. May have to wait you for the new version to play the new game of the Saga Star Wars, as in this recent period, there are certain types of game in which the theme is based on the story and in the shade, is commonly found in various platform. The game is officially called Star Wars: uprising which is developed by a famous publisher of mobile games, Kabam. It is an RPG that takes place in time of the history between the return of the Jedi and the Force wakes up. So, this game is appropriate an official part of the Canon storyline. It should be noted that the uprising is an RPG that can be played with other players from around the world.

    the player can create the characters they want to be for the game. Game lovers will find a different feel in this game, in which through this game, they can also explore in a familiar tasks in the film. It also gives you many different kinds of fascinating action, as the shooting of action with deadly sword and blaster gun.

    pending the launch of Star Wars: uprising of game in this week, Kabam also still gives you the chance to register in advance, with so many prices, you could get. Simply register your email address on its official website. Then, you can obtain the plug-in set of software components as a stormtrooper helmet, kind of additional character, Han Solo blaster gun and vote for new members of the crew in a series of R2 - D2 wookie figure (robot). Reported that this game can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS, it is necessary to note that the minimum Android version that this game is available for Android 4.0 because the size of the download is about 531 MB. While that for iOS users, this game is already compatible with the iOS version 7.0 with the download size is 637 MB.

    characteristics of the Star Wars™: uprising 3.0.1 APK for Android
    • create the hero to the needs of the Galaxy
    • the future of the universe of the game
    • a new chapter in STAR WARS
    • Co - op in real-time against the EMPIRE
    • BRAVE challenges to classic and new worlds
    Star Wars™: Uprising Screenshot 1
  • Star Wars™ : Insurgency APK 3.0.1 Latest Version

    • improved stability and small bugfixes.
  • apps comments

    game is fun and works well.

Star Wars Uprising APK

Developer: Kabam Version: 3.0.1 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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