Microsoft Word APK 16.0.7127.1010

Microsoft Word APK 16.0.7127.1010
  • The latest Microsoft Word APK has been updated to 16.0.7127.1010. For many people who are pretty familiar with technology, there is no question that they are also familiar with the Microsoft Office. This is very important software because it allows users for doing various tasks including creating Word, Office, and PowerPoint documents. This can be the reason why people depend on the computer very much because the computer will help them accomplish their task better. Nowadays, people cannot only enjoy the Microsoft Office support on the computer because they can find the Microsoft Office app for Android including Microsoft Word for Android.

    People do not have to wait until they arrived at home or office for opening the Microsoft Office document. People can also find the Microsoft Office for Windows Phone but there is specific difference which can be found from both versions. People will not be able to find the OneNote document support on the Microsoft Office app for Android. It means that if people want to get this support, they have to download the app of Microsoft OneNote Mobile.

    With this app, users will be able to access the Office documents which are stored in the Cloud. They can make any change to the document and it will be saved as well as synchronized. Sharing document is also able to be done through SharePoint and OneDrive. People can really find great experience for opening as well as viewing the documents using this app. They can view the document with clear and also simple appearance. Online document can be accessed quickly and easily. They even can add comments to their document. However, they will find limited editing features and templates.

    Features of Microsoft Word 16.0.7127.1010 APK for Android
    • Office offers unequaled file compatibility and layout fidelity. Documents will look exactly how you intended on your Android phone and tablet.
    • The familiar navigation and menu options in the ribbon help you get started quickly.
    • The familiar features you know in Word – Images, charts, footnotes, formulas, tables are all in the touch-first apps to give you the best productivity experience on your phone and tablet.
    • The Word app is designed for one-handed use on your phone, with controls at the bottom of the screen. No keyboard or mouse required.
    • Save time by using one of the handy templates for your task list, research paper or family update.
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  • Microsoft Word APK 16.0.7127.1010 Latest Version

    • Annotate with ink: Use your pen or finger to write, draw, and highlight with the tools on the new Draw tab
    • Tables built for touch: No more cut and paste! Drag tables to move them, and let text wrap around
    • Save files on SD cards: With Android 5.0 and newer versions, save files anywhere on an SD card.
    • Discover more Office apps: Word now makes it easy for you to discover and quickly install all the Office apps available for your Android phone and tablet.
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    I really love your useful and awesome applications and i’m student and have a student suggest.

Microsoft Word APK

Developer: Microsoft Corporation Version: 16.0.7127.1010 Requirement: 4.4 and up Price: Free


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