Minions Paradise™ APK 9.2.3239

Minions Paradise™ APK 9.2.3239
  • servants paradise APK provides an easy way to download and install the latest version of 9.2.3239 easily. This is the new project of games of EA and enlightenment. This game is inspired by the movie despicable me minions and very successful. If you've played the minions of the loft game called rush game game, then you must try because the game is very different. Minions Paradise game is very interesting especially for those who are lovers of minions. In this game, you have to build the island occupied by the minions. In this game, the stranded minions on the island that you create. Minions are moved with the help of yacht, but eventually strand on the beach because Phil.

    this game focuses Phil as the main character. Phil stranded minions feel the need to be responsible for his actions. Phil builds uninhabited island into a paradise of minions. To greet his friends Phil makes then a single bar on the waterfront. Initially the minions is annoyed by the behavior of Phil, but because the drinks are taken by Phil so they can forgive Phil errors. Minions begin to incorporate a city for them to live on the island. These minions are building their city by using the existing natural resources.

    well, you can help here minions to build their dream of paradise. You can send minions to work so that the paradise of their development process dreams quickly finished. You can use natural products such as coconut and other natural products to build this dream paradise. One of the most interesting features of this is that you can play a mini-game. Characteristics and the minions Paradise is very interesting which allows does not easily get bored just playing. Mini games is also quite unique and appears every 15 minutes.

    Features of Minions Paradise™ 9.2.3239 APK for Android
    • unleash your creativity
    • explore your paradise
    • party with your favorite servants
    • naughty vacation
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  • servants Paradise™ APK 9.2.3239 latest Version

    • you can now place multiple decorations without jumping back in the menu. In addition, we have made even more welcoming Stuart step so that you always know what are social events past.
  • apps comments

    it is lots of fun to do a mini paradise and stuff but there is something missing is that there is no day and night cycle that would have been nice.

Minions Paradise APK

Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Version: 9.2.3239 condition: 4.1 and upward price: free


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