The Secret Society® APK 1.21

The Secret Society® APK 1.21
  • If you like playing to investigate and discipline game, you will have to get the secret society APK 1.21, it's really interesting game that will make you experience and observational experience survey. This game is one of the best selling android for the hidden objects in the playstore Google. Now, that things that are offered by this game? Let us know more about this game. This Secret Society® must make you a few observations to find some items in the game. Here, you will act as a cousin of the great magic user and you also inherit the great magic which is blessed to your uncle.

    as your uncle is missing, you are the one who is able to locate and track him down. you will have to make a trip that will give you many adventures. You will have to face a threatening force that will attack your company and you will have also to some small game within the secret society. In the game, you will find four on the 2203 quests that need to be resolved.

    these figures probably will give you good entertainment for several months so that you won't feel really bored with a lot of things that you will find inside this game. So, in these quests, you will find 31 amazing place as the scene for some quests. You will need to find more than 334 kinds of hidden objects in this game of Secret Society®. Now, when you want to have an interesting game to find hidden objects, the Secret Society® for Android is really the best choice for you. You will have enough quests that you enjoy in your free time and you can also find new quests with some updates which can be given to a certain period of time.

    characteristics of The Secret Society® 1.21 APK for Android
    • almost 2303 quests to keep you entertained for months
    • 32 incredible places full of characters
    • 350 + interesting сollections of objects hidden in the piece together
    • match Gem mini-game: swap and match gems to get 3 in a row!
    • puzzles clever mini-games wrapped in mystery
    • updated regular with additional quests and more
    • game services Google supports
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  • The Secret Society® APK 1.21 latest Version

    • new hidden object scenes - explore the "firm" and "room of curiosities."
    • "Harvest festival" event - more than 30 accomplish quests and five collections to get unique male and female Avatars, a magical artifact and numerous awards.
    • more quests and COLLECTIONS - Tackle 148 new quests and more than 20 new collections.
    • new level MASTERING-level Grand Magister and get a valuable reward.
  • apps comments

    really enjoy this game. I play more than any other, that I downloaded. Higher levels can be frustrating, because it can take forever to get the objects, but that's my only complaint.

The Secret Society APK

Developer: G5 Entertainment Version: 1.21 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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