APK BattleHand 1.1.5

APK BattleHand 1.1.5
  • BattleHand APK 1.1.5 has been released with a lot of features and it's the latest version of this game. I figured out he was no longer count the number of games that inserts the card into the mechanism of games of strategy in it. Ranging from themed game of Star Wars, a sort of hero of Dragon Age RPG, even for the well known game in the MMO like Mabinogi scene. Their fact of the presence that the genre strategy element seems so exciting card is played through the mobile platform. Card games, that this popularity did not apparently unnoticed class of Kongregate's mobile games publishers. Yes, the editor whose name is also known as the supplier of the Flash game site has recently made a launch their title BattleHand card game strategy smoothly.

    of the images that we see, it looks like a typical BattleHand cards strategy game with a mixture of elements of the RPG turn-based as popularized Stone Guardian battle in 2015 yesterday. I am not sure if the developer another Place Productions, which formerly through Finga Dragon game, inspired by the stone guardian. What is clear, BattleHand has a unique visual and gameplay of its own to make it look clearly different from the other strategy of playing cards.

    BattleHand game itself works like a RPG in general, combat where your attacks will be represented by the various commands on the screen. Because of these games include card mechanism, then automatically attack your character can only be decided to the card games, everything you take in the battle. In the description, an another Place Productions claimed a total of ten characters heroes, each complete with a story and a row of cards of their own attacks.

    characteristics of the BattleHand 1.1.5 APK for Android
    • download free strategy epic adventure RPG (Role Playing Game)
    • recruit and train an army of legendary to victory!
    • release and upgrade of the unique special moves for each hero
    • collect multiple modes of battle, including the player vs player challenges and survival modes
    • , level up and evolve powerful cards on your way to build the perfect BattleHand
    • adventure through the mystical land Discover new places and defeat the contemptible creatures!
    • perfect your strategy of combat using elemental forces and weaknesses for all heroes and villains
    • complete epic quests for Stinky Cheese and stardust!
    • Super 3D animation and easy to learn tactical combat
    BattleHand Screenshot 1
  • BattleHand APK 1.1.5 latest Version

    • this update contains stability improvements and General bugfixes.
  • apps comments

    a lot of graphics and smooth game. Detailed and good quality. Only complaint I would have is that the energy level CAP is too low. Other than its good. Great game enjoy until the battles.

BattleHand APK

Developer: Kongregate Version: 1.1.5 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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