APK Locker CM 4.3.5

APK Locker CM 4.3.5
  • the latest version CM locker APK 4.3.5 is available. With experience of better and better with the smart phone becomes surely one very important thing that should be considered by a lot of people because for them, the smartphone becomes very crucial support for their daily activity. In this case, people have to make sure that they install applications that suit their needs. An interesting application which can be found for Android device is CM locker for Android. The first thing people will see of this application is the lock screen application which looks very attractive. There are a few functions that can be done with this application, including the display of the notification. It can also be useful to provide direct access to selected applications. With this application, users will be able to use camera phones to take the image of everyone trying to unlock the device with incorrect PIN code automatically.

    the best thing that people can find this lock screen, is that they will be able to find the lock screen that offers the best feature unlike the manufacturers default lock screen. People will be able to find the interesting and attractive of the master own lock screen. This application will help people to protect their smart phones because users can use the PIN or draw the pattern selected on the screen.

    it may be fairly common, but people will find much more interesting because CM Locker comes with intrusion detection. It should be interesting to see the image of someone trying to access the smart phone with wrong PIN. The last notification will be displayed on the lock screen. The most important thing is that people can do as they wish. This means that people will be able to adjust the level of protection of personal information according to their preference. This app comes with look great as well as various options.

    characteristics of Locker CM 4.3.5 APK for Android
    • customization
    • phone Booster
    • saving power
    • intruder Selfie
    • reminder Notification
    • control of music
    CM Locker Screenshot 1
  • CM locker APK 4.3.5 latest Version

    • bugs
  • Apps comments

    fast and easy to use! Just in seconds, you can resolve any issues / slow to develop. Love the soft, I recommend to everyone!

CM Locker APK

Developer: Cheetah Mobile Version: 4.3.5 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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