DEER HUNTER 2016 APK 2.3.1

DEER HUNTER 2016 APK 2.3.1
  • DEER HUNTER 2016 APK is available in the new version 2.3.1. Do you like to go hunting like what a U.S. dentist did recently of an old lion called Cecil recently? Well well, instead of going right in the desert and the shot of the animal living to death and finally turned to ridicule by people from around the world for what you did, you do better hunting to your smart phone instead. Why wait you until hunting season and to endanger yourself to be caught in the trap in a wild forest for a hunting if activities you can do at home? Well, here we go; There is this hunting game called Deer hunter for Android. Indeed, this isn't like the game of the crisis of dinosaur that you might know played on PC with its pretty amazing graphic Charter, but believe us, this android game is deadly even with its simple installation.

    this game is actually a game that will take you to a mission to accomplish: simple hunting certain animals in the desert. Indeed, it is the simple game, unlike any other game to other platforms that will really all around location, furtively on certain prey behind Woods and LURKING in some marshes, but this game is played by pointing the weapon if left or right in this limited space to find the target.

    this game giving you a goal to hunt different animals with the concept of kill shot. Simple, but the relics anyway. The score of your hunt will vary according to some places that you hit on the animal. One of the highest is a bullet in the head. Just after you hit certain targets of DEER HUNTER 2016, you will win some dime pieces that are able to be used for upgrading your weapons for hunting even more effective.

    characteristics of DEER HUNTER 2016 2.3.1 APK for Android
    • hunting anywhere in the world
    • bag big game animals
    • shoot like a PRO
    • to get them before they GET PERCEIVE
    • trophies
    • build your ARSENAL
    DEER HUNTER 2016 Screenshot 1
  • DEER HUNTER 2016 APK 2.3.1 latest Version

    • bug fixes and other improvements to the game performance
  • Apps comments

    this game makes me fell like I'm actually hunting and it seems so real. Impressive graphics. Impressive firearms. Awesome game!


Developer: glue Version: 2.3.1 condition: 3.0 and upward price: free


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