In parallel space APK 3.1.5876

In parallel space APK 3.1.5876
  • parallel space APK set up to date new version 3.1.5876. Installation of the same application on a smartphone is indeed possible, but the application must be changed. But now, we shouldn't have to worry about installing an application several times in a smartphone, because there is an easier way to get two accounts in a single application. Space parallel, an Android app can copy your account in a single application. With this application, you don't need to install two applications for different account.

    this request is able to double almost all online applications which require an account, such as social media, messenger and the games. With this feature, you are so much easier to manage two accounts consisting of personal account and an account for the work. In addition, play two games accounts an application at the same time is also very easy, you can two is to play now clashing Clans or other games in a single device.

    , you can also use the stealth installation features, privacy applications is hidden in parallel space without leaving a trace in the unit. Feature of this application is easy to use, stable, functioning and the application runs the first virtualized applications on Android, namely MultiDroid-based. But keep in mind, parallel space would take some memory and RAM capacity, because the application is running major applications virtually. In addition, the battery capacity will be quickly exhausted due to the greater workload.

    the characteristics of parallel space 3.1.5876 APK for Android
    • connect to several social networks or accounts of games at the same time
    • balance your life and your work easily.
    • double your gaming experience and have more fun.
    • almost all of the apps are supported.
    • hide your favorite, invisible on your phone
    • applications
    • enjoy your favorite without worrying about apps made by your friends and colleagues.
    • powerful and stable, easy to use while.
    • unique: parallel space is based on MultiDroid, the first application on Android virtualization engine.
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  • parallel space APK 3.1.5876 latest Version

    • added new feature "theme store", which allows users to change the default appearance of social applications in parallel space (e.g., WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram) with new themes
    • fixed the problem this status bar of Skype continues to display after the end of a call
    • fixed some bugs
  • [Appscommentaires[1945030

    tested this with WhatsApp and it works perfectly.]] Developers of the excellent work! It's really do chat faster and faster on both accounts. Enjoy a lot anyway.

Parallel Space APK

Developer: LBE Tech Version: 3.1.5876 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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