Periscope APK 1.6.2

Periscope APK 1.6.2
  • there latest APK periscope 1.6.2 version which offers better performance. It's the free app that you can now download this in the game store. Start from the app for iOS, but now the expert has done like the app for android too. This app is a kind of how to teleport. By using Jules Destrooper app, you can find a lot of broadcast video and you can also make your video stream. You can make the best video to share and there will be a lot of people can give comments. The app is good for the android with the Kitkat android phone. You can download this app by Google play. You can follow others and for others to follow you. When you make the video, the only person who can give some comment is your disciple. You can also chat with your friend (s) with application of periscope.

    this app is unique App. beside it can help you find the best video; You can also find new friends. This periscope for Android is the unique application for your android. This app the hardware design features inspired by the familiar and modern for the users. Users have the control for additional adjustment of push notification. With this application, you can get the offer on the resume notification. For this reason, where you left the broadcast receiving interruption will keep watched by you.

    periscope for Android will be the opportunity for you to record the video and you can replay the video. When you want to save the video of this application, you should consider on your cell phone records. It will take a lot of data to load and save the video broadcast. You can make your video and share it with other people through this application. With this application you will also find many video streaming. Just download this app in the Google game, and you can enjoy this wonderful approx.

    characteristics of the periscope 1.6.2 APK for Android
    • read: when your broadcast is over, you can make it available later so viewers can watch later. Viewers can replay your broadcast with commentary and hearts to relive the complete experience.
    • private: If you want to stream to specific people, tap the private option before going live and choose
    • TWITTER: you can choose to share your periscope on Twitter shows by clicking on the bird icon before you begin broadcasting.
    • manage NOTIFICATIONS: Periscope will suggest for you people to follow based on your Twitter network.
    • hearts: Periscope keeps track of how many hearts you get your viewers.
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  • periscope APK 1.6.2 latest Version

    • which is IN DA HOUSE? -When someone you follow joined your broadcast, their profile pictures are dragging down the screen.
    • BUGGER OFF - smashing bugs on meizu 2 devices
    • my dear WATSON - makes us look more prominent, what? We had to search? exactly
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    Nice to see celebrities and other personalities outside the limelight. Ideal for friends and family.

Periscope APK

Developer: Twitter, Inc. Version: 1.6.2 condition: 4.4 and upward price: free


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