Rally Racer Dirt APK 1.5.0

Rally Racer Dirt APK 1.5.0
  • the last Rally Racer Dirt APK is coming and now it's on 1.5.0. When you want to have a sense of the real drift, you can see the game as your favorite game types. Yes, it's kind of great game that will be nice with the collaboration of the great features and graphics. This game is not kind of runner of traffic. Here, everything you need to improve the skill of the drift. Let's talk about some details of this below for the best info. Talk about it, the first thing you need to consider is the features of the game. In the game, you will have real-time multiplayer mode.

    it's kind of great competition for the private battle and show your ability. Here, you will also be able to select 8 different rally cars to give different experience in your drift. See the details to choose the best competition. Another feature that may be your review is the real feeling of the car.

    here you have the realistic car and you are able to adapt. For the powerful car, you will also be able to improve the features of your car. Here, the developer announces that you choose some modes of it as the challenge mode, survival mode and also that in real time. Rally Racer Dirt has 4.1 side note. Just go to the in-game store when you want to get in free. This game will be available for the version of the OS android 2.3 or higher. However, you will need to buy a few characteristics to have one complete. However, this data is optional.

    characteristics of Rally Racer Dirt APK for Android 1.5.0
    • in time real Multiplayer Mode
    • 8 different cars,
    • tunable cars with suspension adjustible, anti-roll bar, mount the gearbox and height reports.
    • Upgradiable cars and the properties of the drive.
    • 4 different listening and enjoyable tracks,
    • securities has several tarmac surface to the soil, gravel, grass grip, drift effects and physical vehicle.
    • carefully to listening to the car physics and controls.
    • 3 major game modes to play: challenge mode, survival mode and the Realtime Multiplayer mode.
    Rally Racer Dirt Screenshot 1
  • Rally Racer Dirt APK 1.5.0 last Version

    • new track 'Forest' added.
  • apps comments

    still getting use to it, just downloaded but seems to be legitimate. Will modernize so enjoyable without bugs.

Rally Racer Dirt APK

Developer: sbkgames Version: 1.5.0 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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