Solo Locker APK

Solo Locker APK
  • solo Locker APK has been updated to the latest version Get the best locker in android is one of the best ideas of people to protect their android to others who want to spy on their android well. One of the lockers of the best that can be found by people for their android's Locker Solo for Android. In this one, people will gain satisfaction for their android. Satisfaction that you will find in this is that people can use it easily and it seems as elegant with faster screen locker. With it, people are going to be comfortable when using it for their android.

    in addition, this record Solo Android can also offer people to go to the SMS message, call the newspapers and control the music player, even if the screen has been locked. It will be comfortable because people don't need to open their lock to make other requests in their android. In addition, people also find that it can display the current screen with animation on the lock screen effects. People can also add any apps while the phone is locked.

    the largest found by people when they installed the Locker Solo Android is that security with pin protection is available in this one with their boss and gesture. In addition, people can find also that the lockscreen is easily customizable to make it personal. Because of this, people have no need to worry when they have this one for their android because these applications can protect their android safely. Therefore, getting the Locker Solo for Android will be the best idea for people who want to block or protect their personal data in their android. It is also quicker and easier to use for people so that people do not worry about their privacy in their android data, if they have this app installed in their good android.

    characteristics of Solo Locker APK for Android
    • picture code
    • model of access code
    • Passcode Style
    • Widgets
    • beautiful wallpapers
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  • Solo Locker APK latest Version

    • adding 19 themes.
    • optimized logic of the password.
    • optimized translation of each language.
  • apps comments

    , it's free and all simply amazing! There a lot of HD wallpapers to choose from, a variety of patterns of password to choose from and you can customize it to your liking! Keep up the good work!

Solo Locker APK

Developer: Solo Locker team Version: condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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