The APK 1.3.4 MARVEL Avengers Academy

The APK 1.3.4 MARVEL Avengers Academy
  • marvel Avengers Academy APK was released and is the latest version 1.3.4. TinyCo collaboration with Marvel has released a new game of simulation with the theme of heroes called Marvel Avengers Academy. In this game, you will develop a school superhero team Avengers as Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, shield, up officers and including several villains like Loki and the members of the Organization Hydra. They were all teenage and must learn to control and maintain the strength of their social life to stay normal. Said that the Avengers Academy built by Director Nick Fury to build the plant back after being beaten by his sworn enemy, Hydra. The intended course mission is to train young talents in developing the unique strengths of each to face the forces of evil from the Hydra. Young Tony Stark, Iron Man, is the first student enrolled and then the WaSP, Hulk, Thor and Loki, Captain America, black widow.

    , but all is not perfect in the campus of the Academy of the Avengers. Suddenly the mystery of 'timefog' of mist surrounds the campus and create anxiety in the campus. You're the one who will unravel the mystery of the fog, train superheroes and defeat Hydra.

    do not forget, the main goal is to defeat the Hydra, it is very important for the superhero they develop their highest potential and are prepared to suffer any mission given in MARVEL Avengers Academy. Each superhero will also be your surveillance that they participated in various school activities, sports events, training sessions and others prepare for the combat dress each.

    characteristics of MARVEL Avengers Academy 1.3.4 APK for Android
    • discover a new world of Avengers MARVEL
    • experience CAMPUS LIFE
    • build your dream ACADEMY
    • embark on new adventures
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  • MARVEL Avengers Academy APK 1.3.4 latest Version

    • to highlight Google game Marvel Heroes week Spider-Woman is free for all players on Android devices. Promo ends September 15. Recruiting now!
    • new event limited DAREDEVIL in time begins at the Academy of the Avengers!
    • Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Elektra, Iron Fist, Hellcat and many others join the awesome adventures of Daredevil!
    • battle Kingpin, Punisher and Ninjas to save your Academy!
    • patrol Kitchen Hell's to discover the schema of the pivot of hitch!
    • defend Nick Fury in the new Palace of justice Academy!
  • apps comments

    another great game of TinyCo! A few small bugs here and there, but I know that the team is about this in terms of patches. Avengers Academy is certainly a game I'm playing every day. Great job.

MARVEL Avengers Academy APK

Developer: TinyCo Version: 1.3.4 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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