Angry Gran run APK 1.42

Angry Gran run APK 1.42
  • angry Gran run APK latest version 1.42 would be an excellent choice for those who want to see a grandmother or a chick in his anger. Not to say it's a good thing though, but who knows, you can start your mental training, being patience with the elderly. In this game, don't even try not to worry about the grandmother whose anger is to reach a high level. Anger is like a person who loses his healthy side of mind. If this is not enough and is not that bad sound, then you must know that Grandma here energy is not like a common person. She's going to bite you if. Be ready. Be happy.

    once upon a time, a grandmother or the chick is out of the Museum. Without doubt, inside the Museum, she saw what made him angry and driving her crazy. It is all of a sudden; She comes out of the Museum, running in a place as if she's after something. No matter who is the person in front of the HR, it will be just kicking and hard crush as she is the bowling ball. It is of course, will come practically out your anger and proves to be a laugh.

    here again, to do even better, when the grandmother is in a place, a crossroads where many cars is driven, it won't give a care. It will avoid just, because if he isn't then it will die. When the grandmother sees or faced a clothes horse, it is better to avoid. Otherwise, the grandmother will be trapped and stuck. The point is left this grandmother race as far as possible so that it can not be hit by cars. A simple rule for a simple happiness in a game called race Gran angry for Android.

    characteristics of anger Gran run 1.42 APK for Android
    • run, jump, dash and slide over and around tons of different and wacky obstacles in this race without end new crazy game!
    • THE PUNKS ARE BACK! Of how the bash and seize their parts to clear the streets once and for all! Penguin COSTUME
      change your look by purchasing of new costumes including gran hippie 70s, Marvel zombie gran, gran, and even one
    • !
    Angry Gran Run Screenshot 1
  • angry Gran run APK 1.42 latest Version

    • Beautiful and new graphics for September update!
    • new environment to the Japan!
    • avoid the rickshaw, monks, Koi Carp and more!
    • meet our all-new character, GOLEM! The Japan-exclusive!
    • new daily events for additional bonuses!
    • mystery Machine with lots of prizes!
    • new themes and characters each month!
    • optimization for a smoother run!
  • apps comments

    is the best game I've ever played good work. Very addictive. This game is great when you need to kill some want some time they would have updated the version of Christmas for my kindle.

Angry Gran Run APK

Developer: viral Ace Version: 1.42 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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