• the last APK UNKILLED is available with new features on version 0.6.0. A game of Madinger is known to be the first person shooting game Trigger dead. Now, the producer of popular game has released the new version of this game related to the topic of Zombie scene. If you guess it Dead Trigger 3, it is unfortunately not true. It is not this game. The latest version of Madfinger games called UNKILLED for Android game. Such a title is about Zombie outbreak happened in a certain city. The game of the official trailer shows hungry zombies lie on the ground of dead city. It seems to be New York City. Zombies roam to find prey. They get in the hall, shopping mall, street and all parts of the city. A huge number in this trailer is to have a body that is larger than the other zombies. It also has quick movements.

    this is probably to remind you in the face of the enemy of the Resident Evil game even if it's not as scary that this figure. It makes you wonder why this game is created to be different tittles. This game puts the attention for new players to trigger dead which was complex? It is perhaps true. This game is actually able to download for android and enjoy if he played all the time. The plot of the story of this game makes android users feeling in which it is more interesting and the follow-up mission, on improved weapons and maps.

    in fact, this game does not implement the new concept of android games. In fact, there are other same games take ideas of zombie for the games. If it is not original, UNKILLED for Android is in fact being one of the recommended for android to install and play games. You can fight zombies in the game in which it is very fun and nice to have on your android. If you are interested in playing this game, it absolutely download it beforehand. Open Google game, and then type the name of the game. After that, click on the download and install it on your android. Don't worry about installing this game because it's free without payment. Make sure that the title android capable to safeguard the ability of the game and it works smoothly.

    characteristics of the UNKILLED 0.6.0 APK for Android
    • TAG 'em and bag 'em!
    UNKILLED Screenshot 1
  • UNKILLED APK 0.6.0 last Version

    • history: region 8 released!
    • 25 story new missions!
    • new boss fights!
    • 3 new environments!
    • PVP
    • 2 new PvP maps!
    • weapon rebalancing!
    • decisive victory: best reward!
    • battlelog multiplayer
    • PVP leagues
    • new leagues!
    • rankings!
    • skirmish OPS
    • new shield of protection for your base
    • to repel all attacks to get the automatic protection shield
    • of characters Skins for your character and the guns and weapons.
    • new weapon - bow!
    • game
    • improvements to the power system
  • Apps comments

    if glad there is finally an update! I like how this game is a stable story with a side of extra missions! Almost gave up and removed the cause she was taking for a long time!


Developer: MADFINGER Games Version: 0.6.0 condition: 4.1 and upward price: free


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