ARE File Manager Explorer of apks 4.1.3

ARE File Manager Explorer of apks 4.1.3
  • ES File Manager APK files Explorer is now available in the new version 4.1.3. One of the applications that are important in a smartphone is a file manager. This application allows to explore the data that is in our Android phones. Each Android smartphones usually have a default file manager. However, some of these applications have limited capabilities. In Android, there are a lot of file manager that we can download for free and have several functions. This time, we will discuss the Explorer files for Android that many users are referred to as the best file manager for Android. File Manager developed very quickly. Now, file manager does not only cut-copy-paste function, but should have a variety of features. This app has the ability to manage files on the internal, external and stored memory in cloud computing.

    cloud computing becomes an option of storage for users for free store multiple files without fear of the phone memory and the card will be complete. It can manage the files on your cloud storage Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Yandex, Amazon S3, SugarSync, and Ubuntu One. Services in the application are very different. You can choose a theme for the colors and background images, set the record of color and style of text. Search function to search for a file in a directory by typing the name of the file.

    there are two types of backup are settings of backup and backup Applications. Settings backup can save settings for repayment terms when the user switches to another device. Backup of applications allows you to perform backups without system root applications. You can hide a file or folder and show hidden files. This app also lets you switch between languages such as Indonesian, Spain, Italy, Korea and others. One of the advantages of ES Explorer for Android is the application is free, no advertising and no paid version so this might be the right choice for use in the management of the file.

    features of the ES File Explorer File Manager 4.1.3 APK for Android
    • file manager
    • Application Manager
    • remote file manager
    • integrated ZIP and RAR support
    • integrated spectators and players for different files types
    • shows the photos
    • text of viewers and publishers
    • to access your home PC
    • works as a FTP and WebDAV client
    • Bluetooth file browser
    • Kill tasks with a single click, increase memory and speed up your device
    • Cache Cleaner and automatic Boot Manager
    • Root Explorer
    • supports several languages
    ES File Explorer File Manager Screenshot 1
  • are File Manager APK 4.1.3 files Explorer latest Version

    • added characteristic sender
    • brand new icons on the home page
    • button floating added Clipboard in parameters
    • fixed bugs
  • critical Applications

    amazing. Used for years and it is even replaced Dropbox and Drive, which are all two huge hog space 0 MB of application data each. This app is just better and better.

ES File Explorer APK

Developer: are Global Version: 4.1.3 condition: varies with device price: free


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