Benchmark AnTuTu 6.2.1 APK

Benchmark AnTuTu 6.2.1 APK
  • APK Benchmark AnTuTu is now available in the latest version 6.2.1. Today, it is very easy to find many people who use the Android smart phone for their support of technology in everyday life. The Android device is offered by different brands with different model for sure. Each model comes with the specification and feature that can be different with other models. The price will influence the specification as well as the quality of the performance of the Smartphone after all. People should choose the smart phone device which can agree the most with their necessity, but also desire. Think unit of smart phone of low-end will have worse performance than the top level of the smart phone device, but this does not mean that flagship Smartphone devices are problem-free.

    this is why people should use applications of benchmark for Android device that can help to measure the performance of the smart phone device. Various types of reference applications that can be found for Android device, AnTuTu Benchmark for Android must be one of the most popular options that are used by many users of Android. This app is useful for testing different parts of the Android device. He also attributed the overall rating of the unit. Is not only overall a numerical score which will be given by this app to the device because there is also an individual score given to each test conducted by this app

    people perhaps won't get great sense the number of points on a unit test only. It will be more useful if people use partition numbers to compare different smart phone devices. Of course people can use the individual score for comparing performance between parts of the unit different smart phone so conclusion about the best smart phone that has the best performance of the part that suits people with the main function desired on the smart phone can do.

    characteristics of the Benchmark AnTuTu 6.2.1 APK for Android
    • user experience (UX) - performance of the unit combined with detailed notes.
    • tests CPU - a measure of the power of the processor and gives the hard number for its actual performance.
    • CPU single Test - measure the power of the CPU by running simple tests of CPU algorithms.
    • RAM tests - on the real treatment of the RAM capacity.
    • GPU test - measure the real performance Graphics processing, 3D effects, games, and video playback.
    • i/o testing - allows a direct score that reflects on the performance of input/output (i/o) of your system.
    AnTuTu Benchmark Screenshot 1
  • APK of Benchmark AnTuTu 6.2.1 latest Version

    • Add: verification of a support device
    • optimization: test start of the process, the experience of
    • fixed a crash rating page
    • and
  • fixed a bug comments Apps

    allows me too discovers how my phone is running.


Developer: AnTuTu Version: 6.2.1 condition: 4.0 and upward price: free


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