Hangouts APK 12.0.130004787

Hangouts APK 12.0.130004787
  • hangouts APK has been updated to 12.0.130004787. Send an instant message can also be done through this application. This request is part of the best services now you can try e-mail. You can do fun activities with this application. There are some features and benefits that you can get to install this application on your android. Of course, the best feature is the instant messaging service. This feature allows you to send message instantly with your friends. You can chat with one or more than one person in private or group chat. You can save your contacts up to a hundred people. You can also manage contacts into groups based on your business or relationship.

    this app allows you to call your friends through the video call. In this case, you can make a one-to-one or group. This feature depends on your type of android, so you must ensure that your android may have video call or not. You can synchronise your contacts with other accounts adds automatically contacts. This application also lets you interact with an internet connection through your voice, so you can tell any instruction to access any information.

    other features of the meeting places for Android, including stickers, photos and additional chat files or attachment. You can chat with your friends beautifully by sending unique stickers. Express your feelings as happy with emoticon smile or sticker. You can also send or receive any moving images while chatting. You can also get some benefits to install this application. You can get the accessibility in the timing of this application to another application. You can send the message to offline contacts and receive messages easily. Get the best features and benefits only with this application. You can download the app from your app store and start the application. Get the best experience to send and receive messages instantly from characteristics of den.

    characteristics of Hangouts 12.0.130004787 APK for Android
    • send and receive as well meeting place and text (SMS/MMS) messages and easily switch between types of messages.
    • include all your friends with group discussions for up to 100 people.
    • to say more of photos, cards, emoji, and animated GIFs.
    • turn any conversation into a video call for free group with 10 friends.
    • make phone calls (and all other users calls are free!).
    • connection with your friends on Android, iOS and web and conversations in sync on all your devices.
    • message friends anytime, even if they're offline.
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  • Hangouts APK 12.0.130004787 latest Version

    • new: Shruggie!
  • apps comments

    very easy to call, chat and meeting (videophone). Connects to all my contacts from Google.

Hangouts APK

Developer: Google Inc. Version: 12.0.130004787 condition: varies with device price: free


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