Medals of the masters APK 1.3.7

Medals of the masters APK 1.3.7
  • medal masters APK 1.3.7 has background story in which the medal has the ability to hold magical powers. An expedition, once found a Medal with the great power that appeared to save the demon king in it. Didn't know, the man has accidentally disclosed the evil creatures. With its power, the demon king has managed to convict many heroes in his army. The Summoner, i.e. those who have the ability to extract the strength of medals, tried to fight against it, but their futile efforts. In the middle of all this, you present as a legendary Summoner should to be the Savior of the world. The gameplay is essentially a team drafting or part.

    before entering a level and fight the wave after wave of enemies, you must prepare a team that wants to be taken in advance. When fighting, the hero of your fight automatically. All you have to do is to run the skills of each hero. This execution called the Blitz, where you must press the ability at times to increase the ability of the character in question.

    blitz is very important, especially in tight battles. Masters medal have characteristics similar to the other strategy RPG, namely collects more powerful heroes usually do grind, leveling up the characters and keep to the bottom of the story. Also there is a PvP mode which will stand up with other players, as well as the functionality of a friend who helps friends of aid during the fighting.

    features masters medal 1.3.7 APK for Android
    • Pick Up and play in time real Casual RPG
    • develop and perfect control of your strategies with combo skills and Blitz!
    • fight intense battles with action without end!
    • a fantastic and fun world!
    Medal Masters Screenshot 1
  • medal masters APK 1.3.7 latest Version

    • adding a new hero
    • reopening of Dracula advent Dungeon
    • adding master package
    • new Event Log-in
    • Hero balancing
    • bugs
  • Apps comments

    this game is a really great RPG. I really like the concept of this game and the attacks. The graphics are excellent and he has a lot of potential. It is really fun to play and collecting heroes and their evolution is just fun.

Medal Masters APK

Developer: company NEXON Version: 1.3.7 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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