SuperSU APK 2.78

SuperSU APK 2.78
  • superSU APK 2.78 is one of the applications that can be used as the programme of assistance for the user. For your information, this is the new standard of superuser. As superuser, it also offers a lot of functions. Although there is the authentic version of superuser, but this preliminary version may be the best option for you. To use it, you also need the standard ROM There will be some rules for you that is also found in the ROM when using this app. On the other hand, for you who still operate ROM, you will also operate it easily. Well, it will be the next choice for someone who really loves the superuser. They can try this new version. Well, is there a difference between Supersu and superuser? Well, you can find the differences of these two applications. You want to know their differences? If you want to know about them, keep reading below! Here are the discussions that will answer your question.

    first of all, you can check its payment process. You can install the Supersu easily. Thus, you should use Google game for taking this request. In addition, you can also use it to download some files or recovery mode. You must only press certain buttons complex there. It will be operated at the same time. During this time if you use the root, you must use more effort to operate. So, what should you do? Is there a different method for you?

    well, you can also use a similar method for activation of this app. But, if you install it, you won't get as the root. You will only get the standard version of it. Well, you don't have to be worried about it. What you get is only to control the root account you have. In addition, when you enable it, you must also the root device. How can we? This is because that supersu is part of the superuser or root application. This is why it will be also the root component must be enabled. Well, finally, it's all the descriptions on this app the app that can help you to be a user of internet account. There are many applications that you can use. But, someone who trusts in their system for this application.

    characteristics of the 2.78 APK for Android SuperSU
    • superuser access Guest
    • superuser access logging
    • superuser notifications
    • app notification configuration access
    • temporary unroot
    • (not more than unknown) deep process detection
    • works in recovery (no more segfaulting)
    • works when Android is not correctly initialized
    • works with the non-standard shell places
    • still operates in mode ghost
    • Wake We invite
    • convert App/System
    • Complete unroot
    • backup script to survive CyanogenMod nightlies
    • icon selectable from 5 options + invisible
    • theme selectable from 4 options
    • launch of the Dialer: * #* #1234 #* #* or * #* #* #* #7873778 (* #* #SUPERSU #* #*)
    SuperSU Screenshot 1
  • SuperSU APK 2.78 latest Version

    • SuperSU is now compatible with Android N (7.0)
    • SuperSU is currently operational on Samsung Note 7
    • improved multilingual packs: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
  • Apps comments

    If you have found a message on the binary file for your device is not rooted. Get how all this which phone you have, root root, this application will not work.


Developer: Chainfire Version: 2.78 condition: 2.1 and upwards price: free


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