Telegram APK 3.11.2

Telegram APK 3.11.2
  • APK telegram can be used for android owners and now the latest version is 3.11.2. Well, today, you can try software telegram which can be used for people to e-mail. It is the service that offers instant messaging. In addition, it also focuses on the protection of personal information-platform availability. Not only can be used by android users, it can also be enjoyed by iOs, Windows phone and other gadgets with desktop system. Then, users can also exchange messages encrypted at one end and messages with self-destruction. You can share photos and videos to a maximum 1.5 GB.

    this software is managed by a non-profit in German. It is supported by the entrepreneur and philanthropist named Pavel Durov. Meanwhile, the client code of this software is open source. Then, server-side code is the current owner. In addition, you can get this software from independent developers. What are some features of it? Well, firstly you can link accounts with users phone numbers.

    these figures will be verified by SMS or call for service. So, if you want to connect to your account, you must enter your time IP address and opening. If you lose the messaging you can exchange the phone numbers of the users too. After that, if users are new number, the number on the previous messages will be changed automatically. So, you will get more easy way to get the new numbers too. At the same time for this function, you will get similar benefits with the standard telegram service. Finally, these are all discussions on the app

    characteristics of the telegram 3.11.2 APK for Android
    • fast: it's faster messaging market
    • SECURE: we have made our mission to offer the best security
    • CLOUD STORAGE: it synchronizes perfectly on all of your devices
    • group CHAT & sharing
    • reliable: designed to deliver your messages in the possible minimum bytes
    • 100% free & NO ADS
    • life private: we take your privacy seriously and will never give third-party access to your data.
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    my group of friends have tried a myriad of platforms of mail and telegram is that we settled on; all the features you could ask on platforms all what you use.

Telegram APK

Developer: telegram Messenger LLP Version: 3.11.2 condition: 2.2 and upward price: free


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