UC Browser Mini APK 10.7.8

UC Browser Mini APK 10.7.8
  • UC Browser Mini APK is available on the new version 10.7.8. Android will be something great when you want to have the simple device to access the internet. Well, with android, you'll be able to have access to internet easier. In this case, let's talk about the game. We all know if we need a browser in the way to access the internet. It's a great browser for you. Let's talk about some of the details of it. You can see the preview of the browser below. Talking about this game, the first thing you need to consider is the features. Well, the features affect the sense of the Browse. In this case, this browser is special with the light feeling.

    , you will be happy because it will give great access with specifications speed lower and less storage. On the other hand, you also will be able to have the big download. Easy download will be nice you when you want to have as a new song. Here, you must also know the additional information of it. The additional game information will be useful in the way to know the details of it. Here, this app is available for the version of the android 2.1 OS.

    you can check first your android system. However, this app has 1.4 M size. It's the kind of small size of the app. However, you need to control the storage because aid will increase the size of the app based on the above explanation, the UC Browser Mini for Android will be perfect for you. This app has 4.5 score rating app. In this case, you must also update the version of the regular application of how to have the latest version of it.

    characteristics of the UC Browser Mini 10.7.8 APK for Android
    • Tiny size - despite its small package, get a great browsing experience!
    • maps navigation - content Get local & services (such as videos, cricket, etc) on your navigation.
    • fast navigation - faster browsing time mode and economy of use of data.
    • smart - supported download several, background and cloud download with auto reconnection.
    • control videos with gestures - orders of gesture added to control the video progress and adjust the volume.
    • incognito navigation - navigation Incognito protects your privacy.
    • night mode - switch mode night to read more comfortably at night.
    • more to discover - download Cloud, the disk free QR Code, Save Page, text-only, full-screen, use of data, see network etc.
    UC Browser Mini Screenshot 1
  • UC Browser Mini APK 10.7.8 latest Version

    • download Management
    • instantly launch UC Browser to download files.
    • faster research
    • Instant Search on UC Browser when you copy the text/url from anywhere on your phone.
    • fixed a Bug corrected sent unencrypted URL when you visit HTTPS pages.
  • apps comments

    I love browsing speed. Even the mobile base can also get the right speed.

UC Browser Mini APK

Developer: UCWeb Inc. Version: 10.7.8 condition: 2.1 and upwards price: free


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