Action of Angry Birds! APK 2.1.0

Action of Angry Birds! APK 2.1.0
  • action of angry Birds! APK has been updated to the new version 2.1.0 this game tells the story of red which woke up after a night out and found the village where he lives shattered. Unfortunately, the eggs that are stored in the village are scattered somewhere that makes red reprimanded by the head of the village. The village chief ordered red and his friends to reinvent the eggs scattered in dozens of levels. If you have already played a physics puzzle game similar to go go Armadillo, you will soon be familiar with the gameplay of this game. You can use wildcards to birds, like red, Chuck, bomb and Terence and then launch them at all levels to collect the eggs. As a carambola, birds may jump when in contact with objects and ledges when you drag.

    each bird has unique characteristics when you drag, like the red light that hits the object and destroy it, until the bomb that explodes in contact with an object. Different characteristics that made you must adapt strategies to complete the effective and efficient level. The design of the characters of Angry Birds Action is very similar to the film version scheduled to be broadcast on may 2016.

    while playing this game, maybe we will understand the history and the nature of the birds in the film Angry Birds later. Rovio is not the first mobile game developers who have tried to design a game with this kind of game. Previous, Supercell do a similar game with the Smash Land title. However, unable to release worldwide Smash stopped development because they are not able to match the success of other games of Supercell.

    characteristics of Action Angry Birds! 2.1.0 APK for Android
    • Pinball meets anger!
    • play as the heroic trio - red, Chuck and bomb! Oh yes and Terence.
    • save the day, one level at a time.
    • join with friends!
    • rebuild the Village of birds and power!
    Angry Birds Action! Screenshot 1
  • Angry Birds Action! APK 2.1.0 latest Version

    • , we have added some cool new things!
    • new system level bird! Collect XP and reclassify your birds to your game!
    • daily price - get these oh-so-useful power ups! Every day! It's free!
    • a lot of tweaks and fixes - we fixed a bunch of issues to make the experience better.
  • apps comments

    has different way of play from another franchise to angry birds. After the update the game works very well on my device. But there is little problem on some devices, the lag. Overall, the game is really awesome and addictive.

Angry Birds Action APK

Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd., Version: 2.1.0 condition: 4.1 and upward price: free


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