APK HIT 1.1.79673

APK HIT 1.1.79673
  • If you are looking for interesting adventure in your smartphone, you probably have not installed the APK of HIT 1.1.79673 for android because this game is made with really interesting features. There was a lot of people who install this game and most of them flow this game with the right rhythm. In fact, what makes this game look really interesting, let us know about it now. First, when we talk about this game, we should talk about gameplay that is provided by this first game. This game is a game which is based on the role action game. You will experience being a fighter who will fight against the monster that threatens you. There will be a lot of enemies that you will face a beautiful story that crept inside the game itself. You will have many action movements and other skills that will be used to fight your enemies.

    then, there are many good features too which are provided in the HIT game. First of all, you'll have really great graphics that will make the fight get more realistic. The shape of the characters is interesting because it is created in a really detailed to ensure this nice look design. Then, you will also be able to make your characters get stronger by finding skills nice improvements. This improvement will surely make your character can fight strong enemies easily and conquer various templates waiting for you at the end of some stages.

    now, you shouldn't bother you with boredom you encounter every day at home because you can break your boredom with success for android. You can also play with other players to conquer the bosses who are strong and that is the most wonderful part when you can play with other players together and combining your skills.

    characteristics of the HIT 1.1.79673 APK for Android
    • stunning graphics with the UNREAL ENGINE 4!
    • brave challenges on the beautiful story
    • bloody Brawl ARENA
    • in time real MODE RAID
    the system of creative skills Screenshots
    HIT Screenshot 1
  • HIT APK 1.1.79673 latest Version

    • level Maximum increased to 60
    • new stage of adventure : Moon ruins added!
    • system "Training ground" added!
    • immortal elements can be transcended now!
    • magic Stones added!
    • altar of the trial is open in challenge Mode!
    • new Raid Boss: Aaron!
  • apps comments

    game. Consumption of good times. The graphics are good.


Developer: company NEXON Version: 1.1.79673 condition: 4.1 and upward price: free


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