Card Wars Kingdom APK 1.0.4

Card Wars Kingdom APK 1.0.4
  • map Wars Kingdom APK is now available and the current version is 1.0.4. If you are a fan of the show Adventure Time, this is a good news for you because this game is the new series which comes with some nice features. Currently, there are a lot of games to see the TV made by Cartoon Network, but that does not make the developers stop working. In fact, this game is the sequel of the first adventure: map of wars. This game brings the genre of turn-by-turn maps where you can assign monsters and spells. Each monster also has an effect. Gameplay of this game resembles the first series. You will need to prepare and gather the card game in order to become the best player.

    there are several types of cards in this game. From the mode of deployment, you can choose the map on the left for your troops. There are 4 cards that can be used to deploy troops, must be used wisely. After that, the game will start and you can use your existing card in front of you to attack the enemy or strengthen your monsters. Winning the game is the player who can destroy all enemy monsters.

    you can also fight with another player or enter tournament mode. Build a team of impressive creatures and fight for the glory of war card. Unleash the power of spells, landscapes and flip flops. With a struggle against any new card system, your enemies of punishment has never felt so good. This game is not as the first games of cards. You can download this game for free and play on your Android, but still there are in-app purchase and ads in it.

    characteristics of the Kingdom of map 1.0.4 APK for Android wars
    • EPIC creature combat
    • multiplayer ACTION
    • creature LAB
    • choose your hero
    • test your skills in the dungeons of the strike.
    • challenges daily Dungeon.
    • win rare cards and loot from across the Kingdom.
    Card Wars Kingdom Screenshot 1
  • map Wars Kingdom APK 1.0.4 latest Version

    • bugs
    • additional card Wars goodness
  • Apps comments

    I waited this game and so far it s amazing, perfect, just like in the first episode. It has lots of fun and good graphics and I feel incredible about it. This game can be fun if you have good wifi and time to play.

Card Wars Kingdom APK

Developer: Cartoon Network Version: 1.0.4 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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