DragonVale APK 3.8.2

DragonVale APK 3.8.2
  • when you want to have the kind of unique game to play in your spare time, you can consider the DragonVale 3.8.2 for Android APK. Well, it's kind of the great game with the special detail of it. This game is special with the unique dragon as its fundamental character. With the unique character, you will have a nice game to ease your boredom and stress. Here, we will talk about its details below. Please read entirely in order to identify the cause by choosing. Speaking of the DragonVale, you will find the big game there. This game will be nice you with some features on the inside. Inside of this game, you will find dozen of adorable dragon to raise. Of the dozen of choice, you will be able to find your favorite. However, here you will be able to have the magical island in your sky. You can generate by your hand. With custom habitat, you will have the special field in the battle with your enemy.

    before you download this DragonVale, you need to know about additional information of it. Detailed information will help you get the right it running. In this regard, this game must 2.3.3 Android OS version or up as basic equipment. You need to first check your system. However, this game has 43 M size. Please make sure that you have enough free storage here. This game is free but you must prepare the little money when you want to have special items.

    from the explanation above, we all know there are a few details of the DragonVale for Android, which will be nice you when you play it. However, when you want it to be inside your phone, go to the game store. This game has got 4.3 score game ratings. It may be the reason why you need to download.

    DragonVale 3.8.2 APK for Android features
    • dozens of adorable dragons to raise
    • a magical island you build in the sky
    • Custom habitats where graze the dragons
    • races of dragons where you win great prizes
    • paths and decorations to delight your visitors
    • farms to grow dragon treats
    • full color visuals and sparkling entertainment
    • original music of music rebirth
    • support for Facebook to visit other parks and exchange gifts
    DragonVale Screenshot 1
  • DragonVale APK 3.8.2 latest Version

    • one of the potions feeding the Parade gardens was missing an ingredient and cause strange behavior, but the Potions master fixed it!
    • other bug fixes
  • Apps comments

    slow first but so addictive. Once you have a few dragons and gems its a lot of fun. Various events pepper things.

DragonVale APK

Developer: Backflip Studios, Inc. Version: 3.8.2 condition: 2.3.3 and upward price: free


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