Google camera APK

Google camera APK
  • new Google camera APK was released with now the current version is This is a photo issued by Google app. With the app, you will never miss a moment at all. The app is incredibly sensitive, so that it can capture any moment at a time. The app is also very easy to use. It is designed specifically to produce amazing images. The app is able to maximize the power of your Smartphone. The app will give you amazing features such as the feature of easy Interface, Photo Stitching function, function Lens Blur, HDR function + feature to Android and of course video feature Shoot. The easy Interface feature is to capture photos and videos easily with beautiful design interface.

    the Photo Stitching feature allows you to create many effects to your images as images wide-angle, panoramic images and fisheye images. The Lens Blur function will easily control the depth of field of the camera. The camera will put more emphasis on a single object and the blurred background. The HDR function + will improve the quality of the image even in low light conditions. The feature to Android will allow that you take photos remotely by typing only the device to Android. Regarding the video functionality Shoot, it's obviously capable of capturing HD video with ease.

    camera Google for Android can be installed in any smart phone Android and the Android tablet as long as the OS of the gadget is 4.4 Android + (KitKat) or higher. This app has Photo sphere and Panorama function, but they can only be used if your gadget is complemented by the gyro sensor. Beside that, in order to exploit the Photo sphere and Panorama feature more Lens Blur, your gadget must have at least 1 GB of memory.

    features of Google APK for Android camera
    • easy interface
    • blur lens HDR +
    • Photo stitching
    • video
    • Android porter
    Google Camera Screenshot 1
  • Google camera APK latest Version

    • N 5 Preview.
    • new layout settings flattened.
    • new zoom animation when you tapoterez picture to display in the view finder.
    • allows to switch again look for timer/HDR/Flash.
    • animation of "transformation" of new HDR.
    • you can now swipe to the left to the right to exit the menu.
    • buttons Nav dim slightly when you open the app
  • Apps comments

    HDR is much faster now. The only question is if the battery is suffering more when you use the camera.

Google Camera APK

Developer: Google Inc. Version: condition: varies with device price: free


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