MiniMovie-Slide video Edit APK

MiniMovie-Slide video Edit APK
  • miniMovie-Slide video Edit APK is available in version Now, when you want to give the birthday gift your loved one or friends, you can give it with beautiful video slideshow that can talk some story that will make your loved one you feel entertained and happy. Here, to make this film slide show easily, you need using the MiniMovie-Slide Video Edit for android which has various features and facilities for the production of a movie enjoyable short slideshow in your smartphone. In this MiniMovie - Video Edit slideshow application, you will be able to create short to make a romantic movie or touching. Here, you can do some short films of action as the choice of the photos you put in your slide show, and then choose the music and the other transitional measures allowing the video get more interesting. You can apply themes too to give new touch to your slide show, so he will give a more dramatic effect.

    there are a few interesting features too provided by this application. First of all this app has a cloud photo support base too where you can get the picture you want from your storage space in Google Reader. So, you have edited your slideshow, you can share it to the world with the sharing buttons that will link you to many social media like Facebook, twitter, Instragram and many more social media. You can also add subtitles to give a description of release of the story you want to tell that you made from the video.

    those who are really interesting application to be used. Now, it's time for you to make your biggest moment captured in some great videos with the use of the Slide MiniMovie video Edit. You will certainly be able to make wonderful memories get wonderful by editing your photo in a slideshow video.

    characteristics of the MiniMovie - Slide Video Edit APK for Android
    • Portrait or landscape mode
    • face detection Smart
    • mixed theme
    • cloud support
    • photo
    • share videos via social media
    • sites
    • listen to excerpts-themes
    • change the page order & focus
    • Background subtitle Edit
    • music
    • save my project and continue
    • Treasure box
    • more photo selection options
    • [
    Captures screen
    MiniMovie-Slide Video Edit Screenshot 1
  • MiniMovie-Slide video Edit APK latest Version

    • my drafts: a newly improved page that provides options for quick and easy to edit, share and manage all of your unfinished projects.]
    • action: a new design page that contains the share of exports & and Save combined with the actions of the Gallery, share more intuitive and fast.
    • bugs
  • Apps comments

    awesome app easy to work and very useful. Large approx.

MiniMovie-Slide Video Edit APK

Developer: ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc. Version: condition: 4.3 and upward price: free


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