NBA LIVE Mobile APK 1.1.1

NBA LIVE Mobile APK 1.1.1
  • the last NBA LIVE Mobile APK 1.1.1 has been released and it's free for everyone. So we can download and play for free on android. For basketball fans, this game is one of the games most pending this year. EA Sports, one of the best game developers out the game by bringing great features supported by epic 3D graphics. When you start the game, you will be asked to enter your age. Then, like the other games, we must enter the nickname, then we can choose the team that we play. Then we will go to the tutorial. In this game, we are presented with a virtual control that has been popular. We use on the left side to move the player. On the side right is used to perform actions such as shooting, pass and drive when we are in position to attack.

    when we are in a defensive position, the button on the right side that allows us to pass block and guard. When we turn, us will be helped with Panel animation that make easier. It is control in this game. In this game, he must form a team and to collect quality players to win the game easily. We can acquire a player of the event or challenge. Or we can also buy packs of point.

    select your favorite NBA franchise and become players Acquire real grams of the NBA of the past and present opening packs, or by working for the auction house. Collect the legends of the blockbuster and current stars like Russell Westbrook. We can say that this game is similar to the Mobile Madden. If you ever played Madden Mobile of course, you might say. But in my opinion, NBA Live Mobile has better graphics.

    mobile features of NBA LIVE 1.1.1 APK for Android
    • stay fresh events daily LIVE
    • build your team *
    • find edges to domination *
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    Finally a good NBA game mobile! I waited for this for a long time, and it's finally here! It has basically mobile madden for the NBA. You don't have to spend money, and there a lot of repeatability.


Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Version: 1.1.1 condition: 3.2 and upward price: free


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