Paradise Bay APK

Paradise Bay APK
  • paradise Bay APK for you who want to be a developer of a Bay, you can download this game to achieve your dream. Well, this game will take you to a great bay with a few imaginations developer. The game is sort of the great game to explore your creativity by taking parts of the city. In this game, you will be the master of the vessel in the Bay. Here, see some issues inside the game for more information. Talk about the game, here you will have the warm island with the best layout of the town with Palm trees and a few ports there. This will be the big question that will increase the sense of adventure for you.

    the game indicates the situation of the best Bay that you will face it in heaven. On the other hand, here also you will be able to build relationships with Aboriginal merchant and another for other issues. This game also has a few features that will be nice you when you play it. In this game, you will be able to create and customize the tropical paradise with all your dreams.

    in the other hand, to more top feel your adventure, you can remove the lost card long for the status in the word. Here you can exchange your item with the aborigines for the new item. It might be useful build the new Bay. Paradise Bay for Android has rate 4.0 store play. It may be the major consideration for you. On the other hand, you have the 46 MB of free space to install it. In this case, the developer says that when you install it, you must have the 2.3 android version or higher.

    characteristics of the Paradise Bay APK for Android
    • create and customize your own tropical paradise
    • explore and develop your island to unlock its secrets
    • Collect lost card for long parts to discover new parts of the world
    • Discover and feed animals
    • gross harvest resources and precious goods crafts Island
    • trade with the inhabitants of the island , friends and merchants ships
    • buy and sell items of value on the lively market
    • diving deep and discover the treasures lost at sea
    Paradise Bay Screenshot 1
  • Paradise Bay APK latest Version

    • reject the orders of boat using beads!
    • new Keani and friends birthday decoration.
    • Horatio has a special anniversary planned TradeFest, with a new outfit and a very special animal to win!
    • Keani adorns a new dress with glitter!
    • invites a friend Facebook updated.
  • apps comments

    of excellent graphics, gives of the diamonds is good everywhere much as a very good game I play also except it's an island I. Have the great time of game.

Paradise Bay APK

Developer: King Version: condition: 2.3.3 and upward price: free


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