Riders APK 1.6.4 string

Riders APK 1.6.4 string
  • string Racers APK 1.6.4 is a game that is adorned with a variety of unique systems. In the game, the player must be the fastest among other players. To do this, the player must maximize their own character's abilities as well as use various objects in the game so that the character run faster than others. In addition to the character of election, there are some objects which can help the character of the player to be able to run faster, like a rope and extra in the track. Rope would become an integral part of your own character, so that all the characters will have the rope with the same functionality. With the help of the rope, players can hang and accelerated before using the momentum of the jump.

    combine momentum with booster jump that is provided by random in the game and your character will be a rider faster than other players. But the player must be careful. Although continuously, players can use the rope for his own advantage, if you use it at the wrong time you hit the walls or even go to the wrong track, what makes you a decrease in speed or it will fall into the fire. Very simple and very responsive. The player is required to play this game as fast as your character runs to defeat another enemy, which would not want to lose quickly.

    for players unwary could certainly be far behind. Don't forget, in this game, your enemy is not only, but also have a real player, so the competition is really real. It is important to know the exact time when the player character jump and when to perform two things. Miscalculated when, for example, the player can fall into the fire, and as a result, the player character must be repeated to run from a few metres to the rear before the character had fallen. With respect to the race, it certainly isn't good news.

    string features Racers 1.6.4 APK for Android
    • addictive swing rope gameplay
    • FAST racing with easy controls
    • impressive graphics in places like PARIS and LAS VEGAS
    • collect 30 cool characters
    • face asynchronously nine real people in each race
    • EARN coins , experience and cash races
    • challenge your friends for exciting tournaments
    Rope Racers Screenshot 1
  • string Racers APK 1.6.4 latest Version

    • fixed a rare bug when leaving the race during the initial countdown could cause crash
  • Apps comments

    at first I didn't like it but now after playing a little longer its actually quite a good multiplayer game.

Rope Racers APK

Developer: little giant games Version: 1.6.4 condition: 4.2 and upward price: free


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