Shipwrecked: Lost Island APK 3.0.6

Shipwrecked: Lost Island APK 3.0.6
  • shipwrecked: Lost Island APK set up to date 3.0.6. If you feel bored with adventure and other types of game, you should try this game as your new game because this game is really interesting to play. This game is a simulation game that will send you to create a virtual civilization. Most people have played this game and it is crowned as one of the top simulation games in android itself. Now I'll describe more about this game. This shipwrecked: lost island is a game that places you as one who is stuck in the unknown island. As you are immobilized, you have to build a civilization on the island where you are stranded. You will be facilitated with your teams, who are also stuck with you. You will experience many kinds of situations in this game there will be a lot of things that you will feel curious and bored with this game.

    then, in this game of shipwrecks, you will experience a lot of attractive events such as the exploration of new territories and the forest for development and the search for some sources for your development of civilization. He must also be aware of the pirate attack in your civilization. To find treasures, you can search for the lost cargo you can find next to the beach in your city. You will also need to make your new civilization in a way that is able to withstand the disruptions caused by hackers.

    with this great shipwrecks: Lost Island for android, there are also so many kinds of excitements that you experience only when you play this game. There will be a challenge too which will be given to you then you can compete with the other castaways to build civilization better compared to other players. You will get new challenges each week in this great game.

    characteristics of the shipwrecked: Lost Island 3.0.6 APK for Android
    • explore the secret forest to discover uncharted territory.
    • protect your pirate brave civilization TAPI in the Bay.
    • unlock lost cargo on the beach to find secret treasures.
    • discover the lost civilization, pirates and discover the unknown.
    • turn your secret sanctuary into a prosperous colony without the danger of pirates!
    • of shipwreck to the courageous leader, guide your classmates and the colony to unknown heights.
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    I love this game very fun. My daughter and I play against them to see to what extent we can get. And so far she is winning. Index of suspicion. MOM Let's her victory.

Shipwrecked Lost Island APK

Developer: Rockyou Inc. Version: 3.0.6 condition: varies with device price: free


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