Shooty sky APK 1.803.5496

Shooty sky APK 1.803.5496
  • sky shooty: Arcade Flyer APK was set free and now it's on the 1.803.5496 version. This game is not ordinary flyer games because there is many kinds of excitement you'll get this game. With the colorful display quality, you will be able to enjoy the games with nice looking and you will not feel bored easily. Now, let's not talk about this game in order to get a grip on his excitement. Of the screen itself, I mentioned that this game will provide you with excellent colors which are nice.

    in addition, the games that you will be as exciting and enjoyable as here, you will be a pilot flying in the sky and wipe the enemy to finish many missions. You experience the thrill and challenge of the enemy and he needs your great skill to fire to destroy the enemy. There will be some bosses that you have to deal with too much that makes this game even more fun.

    this game is really exciting as each character designs. With a few thrills and challenge, you will also have cute characters here. To play at this Shooty sky: game Arcade Flyer, you will need to have android OS version 4.0.3 or later. Then, this game of size about 40 m and you certainly will appeal because there are thousands people rate this game as great game. Now, what are you waiting for again? Let us just to install this game and start having some fun with her. You can play anywhere to kill your boredom waiting for someone or to have boring times that last for a long time. This game is the best game to play on your own.

    characteristics of the skies Shooty 1.803.5496 APK for Android
    • exciting epic boss
    • driver
    • cute enemies
    • loot many funds
    Shooty Skies Screenshot 1
  • Shooty sky APK 1.803.5496 latest Version

    • 11 new pilots. Standard 6:
    • new secret boss 5
    • & fluffy villains
    • new field Teddy
    • new weapon: Bunny Bounce Blaster
    • Zappulation more coherent beam
    • has fixed a lot of bugs and fixed stability: Flwuffy less shy Bunny
    • fixed: turtles unlock
    • fixed: Google game connection bug
  • Apps comments

    I love this! It's so addictive, and the graphics are great! I rated this game a five star, because it's fun, cool and a very impressive game!

Shooty Skies APK

Developer: Mighty Games Group Pty Ltd Version: 1.803.5496 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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