Slashy souls APK 1.2.4

Slashy souls APK 1.2.4
  • new game from NAMCO BANDAI arrives to allow you to download Slashy version 1.2.4 APK souls and play easily on Android. Have you ever wondered if Dark Souls then actually created by Namco Bandai as a mobile game? If you imagine it could get exciting game slash as IRE: the memory of blood, so be prepared to be disappointed, because you find a mobile game that is completely different. Dark souls Editor, Namco Bandai recently worked with distributors an American game, GameStop to create a spin-off of Dark Souls. Free mobile games titled souls Slashy created to promote the Dark Souls III in America GameStop is expected to be released for iOS and Android today.

    then what the gameplay of the game? Well, as a former player of Dark Souls, I was a bit disappointed to see the appearance that does not like what I'd expect from a spin-off of the game Dark Souls. Combining the action of the rider to the slash, this game reminds me more of the dark lands, only without involving extreme platform action and more emphasis on the service of fan for those who have never played Dark Souls.

    not very different from the endless runner games is already available on iOS and Android. In these games, you must go, run and slash to defeat opponents you meet in the game, I think that it is easy for a spin-off of Dark Souls. Not developed by "Of the software" which is the developer of a major series of Dark Souls, this game is the fruit of a collaboration Namco Bandai and GameStop. There is so much game that brings this kind, but with Dark Souls flourishes, makes mandatory downloadable games for those who claimed to be a big fan of the Dark Souls series. So, what Slashy souls like ugly fan service? I think that this game is not bad, but it needs some upgrades for the first version.

    features souls Slashy 1.2.4 for Android APK
    • hard, Gameplay endless
    • Gothic great graphics
    • several weapons to Wield Mr.
    • overwhelming obstacles and traps
    • Magical Power-Ups to Smite your opponents
    • Fierce bumps to eliminate
    • A variety of achievements
    • rankings just awaiting to be mounted
    • Epic time management skills
    Slashy Souls Screenshot 1
  • slashy souls APK 1.2.4 latest Version

    • update of the UI
  • Apps comments

    this game is great. There are no instructions on how to play the game. You must understand yourself just like the series of souls! If controls are based with tap as attack, tap hold as leader, rollers are sliding forward, jump is established and there is a jump back. This is super fantastic.

Slashy Souls APK

Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. Version: 1.2.4 condition: 2.2 and upward price: free


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