Tesla Tubes APK 1.3.1

Tesla Tubes APK 1.3.1
  • tesla Tubes APK has been published in the new version 1.3.1. Kiloo is the developer of the game behind the success of the subway surfers who are always at the forefront of the Top Chart on Google game. It seems that they have not been satisfied if only issued a successful game. They leave Tesla Tubes that could follow in the footsteps of the success of Subway Surfers. This time, they released a puzzle game that is guaranteed to sharpen the brains of players. In this game, you play as an assistant operator and professor who is asked hot stringing the electrical connection of the giant machine.

    your task in this puzzle game is engaging and connecting the batteries that are around the game board while avoiding various obstacles from the barrier, bombs and so on. Rocks, bombs, and other obstacles that must be passed. Obstacles that will hinder your path when you link cells. You should also think about another way to avoid these obstacles, you can complete the puzzle connecting these batteries with few roads, but only better roads will get a gold star. So even if you easily complete the puzzle, this does not mean that it is the best way to solve it.

    the game is very exciting, you'll be motivated to find the best way to get a gold star. Gold Star itself is useful to open a secret surprises that will definitely surprise you. Tubless Tesla was released in google for free, play without any IPA system that will spend your real money. For you as a challenging puzzle game, you can try this new game.

    characteristics of the Tubes of Tesla 1.3.1 APK for Android
    • learn it in seconds - play for hours
    • Super addictive puzzle, brainstorming
    • explores more than 500 unique levels
    • win perfect solutions gold stars and unlock secret surprises
    • offered free to play
    Tesla Tubes Screenshot 1
  • Tesla Tubes APK 1.3.1 latest Version

    • Minor bug fixes and optimizations
  • Apps comments

    really smooth and very addictive. The game is incredibly simple on the 50 levels that could have had a steeper difficulty curve. However, I think its great for the target audience. The art is extremely dynamic and friendly thumbs then to the developer of the art.

Tesla Tubes APK

Developer: Kiloo Version: 1.3.1 condition: 4.0.3 and more price: free


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