War Zombie APK 1.30

War Zombie APK 1.30
  • the Zombie world war APK last version 1.30 for Android is the game interesting in the android because this game has story where it starts with a few isolated cases in one fight for the human race to survive. The history of this game begins the virus that spreads like wildfire and those infected have become the walking dead. With these cases, the company has quickly crumbled and confused Government control. Because of this, the game will start at defense for the human races. In addition, this game has 126 levels and 21 scenes adventure around the world that must be fought to win back everyone. Another thing that should be known by people in this Zombie Android war is that this game is fantastic graphics and sound put actors at the heart of the action. It will show the impressive and think that the game is similar to the real one. For the players, they will be provided by 19 weapons such as the elimination of the AK - 47, RPG, M4 and also Gatling gun.

    the important thing which should be noticed by people in this game, it is this world war Zombie Android allows players to improve their skills in dangerous areas. In this case, this one has a true world war with 126 levels, 3 world maps and 2 scenes. However, you should also aware of the nature of these zombies in the game to help you, when you want to kill the zombie.

    about the Zombie in the world war of Zombie for Android, this one has 21 different Zombie enemies that will test the skills to the limit and keep players on their toes. The most important which must be noticed by people in this game, it's that they should check their daily task for their chance to reap the rewards big and getting Lucky Slots as the bonus prizes. It is impressive to people beforehand to it.

    characteristics of the Zombie war 1.30 APK for Android
    • fantastic graphics and sound put you at the heart of the action.
    • 19 weapons at your disposal including AK-47, M4, RPG and Gatling gun.
    • a dynamic character development system that allows you to improve your skills in different areas.
    • a true world war 3 world maps, 126 levels with 21 scenes.
    • a lot more
    Zombie World War Screenshot 1
  • Zombie world war APK 1.30 last Version

    • fixed some bugs
  • Apps comments

    it was a good game. It is surprising and interesting.

Zombie World War APK

Developer: game FT Version: 1.30 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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