Android APK pay 1.2.111627672

Android APK pay 1.2.111627672
  • android APK to pay was launched, which now the latest version is 1.2.111627672. Society of the internet as Google always commits itself to be Chief in all aspects, as advised at the developers Conference digital Google i/o in San Francisco, the United States, its new payment system, pay Android. This payment system will be automatically available in Android OS which is probably introduced in late 2015. Some of the sources explained that this payment system is equipped with safety lock sensor by fingerprints, which could attract the attention of the public. Of course, to launch the application, Google has a good reason for the Organization of these new strategies. It is suitable to Excel on Apple payroll, which is also a service of manufactured by Apple Inc. payment system. So, what this app system?

    more or less, the service has a similar operating system to pay Apple, from how they use. Each transaction using this application is able to prove that he has a level of security. This feature will prevent users from deception. This is because Google is creating an eCard with token code which can only be used once for a transaction after they are sent to the server. Then, some stores provide the application as their membership card. However, you must note that this app system uses the based debit/credit card.

    so, before using it, users must first confirm some information about your credit/debit card that you have owned before in detail. To run Android pay it successfully, he is informed that Google has established partnerships with a large number of companies as a merchant and the financial institution. This is shown on partnerships Google has cooperated with about 700 000 stores in the United States, which also supports the system of financial transaction with visa, mastercard, Discover and American Express. In addition, Google management has indicated that the application can be used to make transactions with certain retailers such as Subway, McDonald's and Whole Foods. But, the user must take into account that not all stores have been facilitated by this app

    characteristics of remuneration Android APK for Android 1.2.111627672
    • to pay, simply type just unlock and tap
    • try to these popular tasks
    • use your loyalty cards and gift
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  • Android APK 1.2.111627672 later the full Version

    Fix bugs

  • apps comments

    I have no use for Google wallet so I'm glad it is separated.]] The new compensation app just works. No need to open an application, just unlock phone and press. It's surprisingly easy to use.

Android Pay APK

Developer: Google Inc. Version: 1.2.111627672 condition: varies with device price: free


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