APK Zombidle 1.0.128

APK Zombidle 1.0.128
  • Zombidle APK was released and the current version is 1.0.128. Zombie game is much requested by players, but most game in the zombie game play to human character and kills zombies. Some of the zombie games are also used as a zombie and hunted human, it seems more fun to be the Hunter rather than the hunted. This game is made by Berserk Studio that has idle of gameplay and tap. Initially, you will be prompted to connect to Google Play or even continue without any game Google, but if any time something is happening then the continuation of the games that you play will be lost.

    you will control the zombies here to destroy the houses. Probably not one, you will be assisted by a zombie army of witches and the troops that you can buy in the game. In addition, you can also increase the level of zombies you will have to obtain special abilities possessed by each zombie. Currency in this game is in the form of the skull of the village which you destroy.

    function of realization is not just the usual price in the Zombidle game. If you enter production, will increase the capacity of the zombies that you have. Starting from damage by sec and also damage by taking. You can also add the damage, enhance it with some of the skulls. Level that you are experiencing is very diverse, ranging from the village which was the small village of difficult level. Pretty simple and not complicated, without having to buy a diamond, you can still be cool to play this game.

    characteristics of the APK for Android 1.0.128 Zombidle
    • various evil monsters for you help in your quest to not be a nice guy.
    • gallons of skills to allow ultimatest, deadliest Sin: absolute supercharging.
    • hordes of peaceful to annoy and bully around people.
    • many cities to pillage and plunder for some phat loots.
    • buy some real estate underground without filing documents; Yolo.
    Zombidle Screenshot 1
  • a bug Zombidle APK 1.0.128 latest Version

    • fixed with skulls disappear
    • added spectral void
    • ghost added elements
    • adding new recipes which use ghost items
    • set up berzerkpals for gamersafe transfer
  • Apps comments

    I have spend many hours of play on the first day I got it! It feels also very nice to be able to walk away and come back later for a bunch of points of my servants. Ideal for the grind of playgrounds.

Zombidle APK

Developer: Berzerk Studio Version: 1.0.128 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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