BMX Boy APK 1.7

BMX Boy APK 1.7
  • BMX Boy APK 1.7 is a game about a little boy a bicycle to find a few points. This little boy, although it is still a little one, he is an expert of the bike, especially that used to go out in a mountain. But it won't work unless you, the player, control the game. It depends on how you play the game. Even if it's just in the scree, you seem to be required to have additional capacity to detect if there are obstacles. Yes, you are. So, are you agile enough and challenged?

    what makes this game so different race car or a motorcycle, it is this cycling race will be on agility. The agility of a person in horse riding and "fly" on the bike is really crucial here. If it is virtual, you really need to think and act quickly. This will of course help earn points. After that, agility here means the ability to avoid obstacles, stones, bull, birds, cows, and other will be really bother you when you're playing with your BMX.

    there are two important controls, you need to master. The first is on the bike for speed control will be controlled, constantly and quickly. The second is on the control for the jump so that you can avoid obstacles. All you have to do is press the arrow forward to start pedaling. Then, press the arrow upwards for the jump. Jump style while allows you to reach a greater distance. You need to master all this because there will be obstacles that can make your tricks fail. But even once, all these things can be done with the thumb. Find, play and feel the sensation of the cycling BMX Boy for Android.

    characteristics of the BMX Boy 1.7 APK for Android
    • images clear and simple
    • 3 different courses
    • 0 cool and addictive levels.
    • various cool tricks.
    • more levels are coming soon.
    BMX Boy Screenshot 1
  • BMX Boy APK 1.7 latest Version

    • fixed bug
    • Compatible with devices plus
  • Apps comments

    it's a good game for children. I like it because I know how to ride a bike and it's my favorite thing to do.


Developer: Runner games Version: 1.7 condition: 2.3 and upward price: free


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