Game of Thrones APK 1.52

Game of Thrones APK 1.52
  • game of Thrones APK is now available in the latest version 1.52. We get a really good TV series today of the TV shows. This show is really favored by many people, even in the world. Many people are always looking forward to the new version of this show and now, when you want to be a part of this show, you can do it by playing this game because you will become the player who moves the character in the show. This game play throne is really excellent choice for you because you will experience new sensations that will make feel you really excited.

    now, when you play this game, you will take part as Member for forest household types. Then, you will be asked to make a choice that will become the fate of the characters that you are played. This is the exciting part, because when you make the wrong choice, it will surely make your character face danger. When you play this game, you will encounter another interesting thing, as the graph which is carried out in a really excellent quality.

    , it comes with finding really nice so it will not make you feel annoyed. High colorfulness and high contrast are the best part in this game, and you can also get the sharpness of details in every part of the screen. The character and setting, it looks really attractive and makes feel you happy in a long time. This is the size that you get when you install the Game of Thrones for Android. Your smartphone will not feel never monotonous and boring again when you have the game installed on it. There are more interesting and attractive things you might find once you play you don't need to install this game.

    characteristics of the game of Thrones 1.52 APK for Android
    • caught up in the events surrounding the war of the five Kings
    • you will take on the role of the various members of the Forrester household
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  • game of Thrones APK 1.52 latest Version

    improvement of performance

  • Apps comments

    I really enjoyed this game (so far) history is solid and the interactions of gameplay for me is good enough. However, performance problems the game Enigma, with fallen/low framerate being the most distracting.

Game of Thrones APK

Developer: Telltale Games Version: 1.52 condition: 2.3.3 and upward price: free


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