Geometry Dash APK 1.00 Meltdown

Geometry Dash APK 1.00 Meltdown
  • RobTop games has just released a new game called geometry Dash APK 1.00 Meltdown, which has about the same gameplay as its predecessor. Here you will pass through the various obstacles in the form of spines, suddenly moves the abyss and the platform. A very simple trick, you can simply tap the screen to jump (in the mode of the box), or by holding a finger on the screen (in airplane mode). You will be accompanied by a soundtrack of adrenaline, to guide you in the query. If you are able to read a boss in the music of this game, you will be then helped to estimate when you need to go.

    new geometry Dash game has several levels which can be played at the same time. Each has a soundtrack that is well suited to the mood of these levels. There are a variety of characters, that you can unlock. The trick is to supplement the existing level or to collect all the coins that are available there. You can also customize the color of the character you choose.

    If you are not satisfied with the level and the number of characters available here, you can unlock the full version of the game with new levels, new characters, as well as fashion editor. In the editor, you can create your own levels and also plays an artificial level of other players. Geometry Dash Meltdown for Android is a better choice if you are looking for a challenging game and can be played briefly. The music is presented is also able to make success possible you will cross an obstacle becomes more satisfying. If you decide to download this game, I recommend that you play with your headset.

    characteristics of geometry Dash Meltdown 1.00 APK for Android
    • Action Platforming rhythm based!
    • three unique levels with music by F - 777!
    • unlock unique icons Meltdown and colors to customize your character!
    • fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
    • use practice mode to hone your skills!
    • with the almost impossible challenge yourself!
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    it's like one of my favorite games now, incredible soundtrack. I was addicted first level.

Geometry Dash Meltdown APK

Developer: games RobTop Version: 1.00 condition: 2.3.3 and upward price: free


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