Microsoft arrow Launcher APK

Microsoft arrow Launcher APK
  • arrow Launcher APK Microsoft is now available at It's the kind of love from Microsoft for android. But of course, it will not continue if in the phase previous expansion Microsoft android has no success and well received by users in this world. In fact, this launcher for android is totally offer the ease of use of your gadget beautiful but never forget the elegance of appearance. So we can say that Launcher (which is called the arrow) is ideal for those who don't really like juggling too much customization in your gadget and prefer the simple life to use a gadget. In overall appearance, this launcher gives you three home pages that will be affected depending on the category. You will find the first page as the page people. This means that you will see more used contacts, complete with the phone numbers and of course e-mail accounts. If you tap the Dialer icon that is placed on the top right of the screen, you will see the Dialer app. After that, you will find three menus dot that you show all contact in your phone.

    the second page is the place for the main home page. The main homepage is confined to applications that you already installed on your gadget. The home page will be also divided into two scenes. The first one is recent, which will show you the application installed on your phone. And the second is common scene, which contains all the applications you frequently used. The third page (which is also the last page) is the place for the stuff of reminder and Notes.

    , it will help you with the planning tasks and other reminders. But to enable reminders, you must enter them manually. And for your information, Microsoft arrow Launcher for android is not related with instant Google and other third-party applications. In fact there is more info on this launcher of course with the advantages and disadvantages. But if you like the clean and neat interface on your phone, it is strongly recommended to use it for android. But the reason he does not relate with the same Google game, you must send an invite request via Google + community until you are able to download directly from the Google game. But if it's too complicated, you can find the APK file to use this launcher.

    characteristics of Microsoft arrow Launcher APK for Android
    • recent article page of applications.
    • number of recent contacts between 1 to 3 on the people page.
    • transparent navigation bar.
    Microsoft Arrow Launcher Screenshot 1
  • Microsoft arrow Launcher APK latest Version

    • bug fixes.
  • apps comments

    incredible pitcher, smooth and clean and works like a charm. Need a few days to get used to it but works better than the bad Samsung Launcher!

Microsoft Arrow Launcher APK

Developer: Microsoft Corporation Version: condition: varies with device price: free


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