Music player: Rocket Player APK

Music player: Rocket Player APK
  • music player: Rocket Player APK for Android is the android application that can be the right device for your phone. It will give you the ease to get entertainment. This app is the attractive app for music and videos. When you want to get your android entertainment, you can use this application as support. The best of the music of many artists and also many popular songs will be easy to play. This application will help you enjoy the music. This app has the right speaker which make the sound of his wonderful music. You can do the setting of the music you want.

    this app can be downloaded from the game store. You can get this free app. After you download this rocket for Android player, you will get without regret. It is may be that of the application with the best sound quality. It will be good even if its in the poor speaker. You can do the setting you want as the discoloration, limiters, back gapless playback, and so forth. There is also the equalizer that you can modify to your liking.

    , you can change the setting of the Music Player: Player rocket for Android, there's the equalizer with free setting and also the setting that you must pay for $4. After paying for this parameter, the parameter with the most attractive feature will be unlocked. In this app you can also organize your list of the song you want. It gives you the opportunity to make a list of your favorite song be heard frequently by yourself. This app for Android will make your phone more interesting. You can get your entertainment to your android. There is the attractive view of this app, you can listen to the song and you can organize your favorite songs into a list. Your favorite songs, you can listen everywhere and every time your phone android or compressed.

    characteristics of the music player: Rocket Player APK for Android
    • EQ 5
    • themes 30 +
    • Hardware Design
    • Equalizer presets
    • play the music, videos & Podcasts
    • * download and display lyrics
    • Album Art Management
    • Tag much more editing
    Music Player : Rocket Player Screenshot 1
  • music player : Rocket player APK latest Version

    • new: screen to get information for the songs
    • new: ability to disable art lockscreen on Lollipop via the new parameter
    • new: scroll text in player mode
    • new: New: support Android in "Opérations" wear (can disrupt bluetooth info on 5.0 + devices)
    • fixed: battery drain when using Bluetooth
    • fixed : hidden song (fix sorting) syndrome
    • fixed: do not auto keyboard from research
    • fixed: unexpected shutdown Notifications
  • critical applications

    really simple to use and easy to customize, its served me well for a number of years now.

Music Player Rocket Player APK

Developer: JRT Studio Version: condition: varies with device price: free


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